About Us

Flory and John, our founders and primary caregivers, were born in a small mountain town of the eastern European country of Romania. They have had a passion for helping others, especially the elderly, from day one.


In 2001, shortly after migrating to the States, Flory begun working in Personal Care Home business. Her pleasant disposition and can-do attitude make her a joy to be around. She sees to it that her residents are well-treated, comfortable in their surroundings, and properly fed home-made, nutritious food. She is their friend and their protector. She listens to their woes and suggestions and does what she can to help.


She is one of the main reasons why you should choose Sunshine Residential Care for yourself or your loved one, a place where residents are cared for, body and soul; a place where residents have a voice and a guardian angel.

Sunshine RC is located in a beautiful and safe location near Little Mulberry Park.




• I85 Northbound, Take Exit 120

• Turn RIGHT at the ramp on Hamilton Mill Pkwy NE

• Turn LEFT on Braselton Hwy

• Turn RIGHT on Pine Rd.

• Turn LEFT on the 3rd street - Pine Gorge Circle

Contact Us

Sunshine RC
3949 Pine Gorge Circle
Dacula, GA 30019


Ph: 770-990-4277
E: sunshine.pch@gmail.com